Block uppercase – 1.5mm

uppercae block


Vella – this is my smallest font. The uppercase is 1.5mm and the lowercase is 1mm.


vella upper and lower


Jenna Sue – 2.5mm, uppercase and lowercase

Jenna Sue

Playful – 2mm, uppercase and lowercase

Aras upper and lower

Pixie – lowercase only, 2.5mm


Bradley Handwriting – 4mm, Uppercase

bradley hand uppercase

Typewriter – 3mm,lowercase

typewriter lowercase large

Spud – Uppercase, 3mm

spud uppercase

Daniela – Uppercase (8-9mm) and lowercase (2.5-9mm) – This is a very large font that only works on the pieces where Daniela is listed in the product description.

daniela uppercase daniela lowercase

Bridgette – 2.5mm, uppercase and lowercase


Pinafore – 2.5mm, uppercase and lowercase

pinafore lowercase pinafore uppercase

Script – Uppercase (3mm) and lowercase (2.75mm)


Arial – uppercase only


Murray Hill – 3mm, uppercase only

murray hill uppercase